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1. Daniel Solove (whose book I reviewed in ) writes on systematic disproportionality.

2. Market in everything: You can now pay $56.95 to read about how wrong I am.

3. Public Criminology is one of my new favorite blogs.

4. Danny Sahar is the first to cite my "ethics of dick"

5. The IHS 2008 summer research fellows - a great group of young libertarian scholars.


Jeremy H. said:

Your photo at IHS looks like a postage stamp.

Danny Shahar said:

I'm just glad to be a part of helping you get the recognition you deserve! I would note, however, that my last name is "Shahar" (although I'm always down for endearing nicknames, so don't let me rain on your parade).

Also, how do you respond to the claim that the Ethics of Dick can be understood as a kind of virtue ethics?

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