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Whenever I come across a website or online article worth reading I bookmark it. Doing some spring cleaning today and want to delete these from my sidebar but not loose track of them forever. They're obviously relevant here:

1. James Wilson at Volokh Conspiracy claims the net gain from incarceration is worth it.

2. A new blog in the form of a personal recollection of life on the inside from Jon.

3. An op ed on how to survive prison.

4. Levitt comments on inmate uses of technology.

5. Cowen points to this new paper on the econ of Vengeance and this other paper on why burglaries have declined.

6. Some political commentary on the extreme rate of incarceration from Jennifer Gonnerman at Mother Jones. More from Physorg.com and from the creator of the Wire at Reason. Concern about bail for profit in America at NYT.

7. What's proportionate punishment for child rape?

8. Top 100 criminal justice blogs.

9. Brian Hollar on prison rape.

10. Dick Clark on buying a handgun.

11. Prisoner releases in low budget states and the UK.

Admittedly some of these are old news but here they are. Enjoy.

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